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I think I’m in love.  I wish with a guy, but no.  I think I’m falling for this…


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Meet the iPod Classic 120gb.  I’ve learned that the Classic now comes only in this capacity.  For nearly two months now, I’ve been contemplating on buying one.  Although I know for sure that this is a want rather than a need, I also believe in self-gratification.  After all, I have been working really hard for five and a half years (straight!) and have rarely bought things for myself.

I’ve been searching online for feedback, specifically for this 120gb model.  I’ve also been interviewing iPod-owners in my circle, even borrowing their units so I can get a feel of an iPod.  So far, I’ve tried 4 iPods, but none of them was the model I’ve been wanting to buy.  Two weeks ago, I went to a Power MAC store and held the Classic in my hand.  The unit there wasn’t really attractive, more like a battered one.  I’ve experienced difficulty navigating the click wheel and noticed that the program responded slowly.  I’ve found a similar comment from an online review.

The reviews are mixed, which explain my mixed emotions on it too.  The things that hold me back:

  • The click wheel that ‘s difficult to navigate.
  • The software that tends to respond slowly.
  • The hard drive (which is rather sensitive).  I’ve read that Apple is geared towards switching to flash drives, which means that the Classic might be a history in a year or two.
  • The screen resolution.  I’m not impressed with the display.
  • My credit card.  Haha! I had to have it replaced with a new one, which will arrive maybe the week after next.

It’s a good thing that I’m still waiting for my credit card because I’d still have time to decide.  The Touch and the Nano would also be options.  Now, this is getting more complicated than I thought…


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One of the many challenges of being in Public Relations is the task of taking pictures.  It is not as simple as it sounds, really.  You have to know precisely when to click.  Besides that, you also have to make sure that you have the right lighting, the right angle, and steady hands to boot.  Or you lose a milestone altogether.

Our Human Resources Manager told me earlier this month that he was afraid I might not be able to take pictures effectively, which would be one of my new tasks in the PR department.   Albeit with bruised ego, I suggested that the company should send me, together with other PR staff, to a basic photography course.   He thought it was a bright idea as long as classes would not interfere with work.  So, after our conversation, I started scouting for classes on weekends.  As of this writing, the only organization I found that is offering classes on weekends is  the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation.  It offers weekend basic photography classes at an affordable price of Php 3,000 only.  Classes are held every Sunday for five consecutive weeks at the FPPF Art Center in the quaint Intramuros.  Just thinking about it makes me very excited.

The course requires each student to have an SLR or a DSLR camera.  Since the company owns three DSLRs, it won’t be a problem at all.  It is ironic, though, that the PR department doesn’t own one.  The New Projects group and the Planning department each own a Canon (don’t know which model, sorry) and the General Affairs department owns a Sony DSC F828.  I am currently using the Sony, but I am not really satisfied with the picture quality.  I have to admit, though, that I am not very knowledgeable with all its functions yet.

One of my immediate goals is to purchase a DSLR for PR department’s use.  After reading a little from here and there, I am mulling over getting a Nikon D40.

It is definitely not nouveau but I have read many good reviews about it, which makes me want to go right now to the nearest shop that has it so I can see for myself.  I read that it is still the best entry-level and the most economical DSLR in the market.  I have seen sample photos taken with it, and they are simply fantastic.  Even non-pros delivered great shots.  It is also compact and user-friendly.  Priced at around $ 400 to $ 500 only, the Nikon D40 is definitely the best buy.

With the photography classes and the Nikon D40 in mind, I am overwhelmed with much anticipation (and optimism!) as I await my formal transfer.  Click, click!

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After the scene that Senator Trillanes and his group created in Makati last week, everything now is back to normal.  It’s December, and what else could be bigger than Christmas? Every blog I look into already talks about it.  So here i am, joining the bandwagon.  🙂

I’m supposed to be doing some stuff here at work, but i think procrastination is part of the Yuletide season.  The lower temperature must be the culprit.  It feels so good to bum around when it’s cold.  Speaking of cold weather, it must also be the culprit behind the baby boom next year.  Ha ha.   Three nights ago, I met with two of my college friends.  One of them is pregnant and is getting married on the 15th.  Then the night before last night, another friend sent me a message saying that she’s also pregnant, after 3 years or so of waiting.  A month ago, one of my friends, who’s supposed to get married in March, discovered that she, too, is pregnant.  In all,  I am being surrounded by seven pregnant women (two work colleagues + two former work colleagues + three friends).  I think it’s cute.

Anyway, I still haven’t done my Christmas list and it seems that the list is growing every time i try to put it aside.  I hope Santa gives me some shopping money.


I don’t know if other people do this, but it’s been my tradition to gift myself on christmas.  The gift doesn’t need to be expensive.  It just has to be something i really like.  This year, i’m planning to get myself the antique ring i saw at a stall in St. Francis Square.  I swear I am going back for it this week.  I just hope it’s still there because if it’s not, I am really really going to regret not getting it last saturday when i first saw it.  But after regretting it, I would probably just buy a book.  For the longest time, I’ve been putting off buying a book because I prefer receiving it as a gift.  Here are my top three picks:  Marrying Buddha by Wei Hui, The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai, and Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt.


I already bought the PSP for my daughter but of course I’d still want her to open gifts on Christmas Eve so I would get her small gifts to unwrap.  I ordered books on clearance sale and I think she’d love them.  Her dad specifically asked for a pair of pingpong gold fish, which we bought over the weekend.  So I’d only have to worry about what to give to friends.  And there are a lot of them.  Sheesh.


Yesterday, my friend asked me what our menu for Christmas eve is.  I told her i don’t have the specific recipes yet, but I would definitely have some soup and pasta.  I’m thinking of pumpkin soup and pesto pasta with grilled or roasted chicken.  And of course the staples — Purefoods Fiesta ham and quezo de bola.  Oh, that made my stomach grumble.


Few more weeks to go before the big day.  I feel so unprepared for it.  I should start shopping now.  Calling Santa…

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Wants Vs. Needs

How do you distinguish wants from needs?

Just when I have decided which phone to buy, my old phone started working again, albeit not perfectly.  Besides the keys on the left that need to be pushed hard to function and the number 1 key that keeps on falling out, the phone is uhm… useable.

This was what I was supposed to buy: (more…)

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I read that all styles of Havaianas are on sale at 20% off until the end of this month.  It must be in preparation for the 2008 models.  I’m not really “addicted” with slippers but I find Havaianas cool (in an economical kind of way).  Currently, I already have 3 pairs– lawn green (!) Top, white Trip, and graphite Slim.  Of the 3, I only use one pair.  The first 2, I’m sooo willing to donate to someone who will (dare) use them. Ha ha.  They’re just not “wearable” for me anymore. (more…)

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I sooo want to have this…


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