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Earlier last year, I said to myself that I’ll never buy a pair of Havaianas again.  It was because of the short-lived Slim pair I bought in 2007.  But then, everything deserves a second chance…

Late last month, a friend and I went to the mall looking for her Havaianas.  She was gifted with Havaianas gift certificates for Christmas so she was very excited.  She was supposed to get a Slim pair in graphite, the exact replica of my now dead slippers.

Fortunately, the store didn’t have her size for that style.  So she went looking for another style.  She wanted to get a Slim pair badly, but I talked her into NOT getting slims.  The Havs slims actually have a bad reputation when it comes to strap sturdiness.

After scouring the entire store, she (actually, we) finally settled for this glow-in-the-dark pair.  I ended up buying a pair for myself, too!  We were torn between this and a black pair with the white logo (which wasn’t a glowie).  But I was sure it was the glow-in-the-dark I wanted.  The straps are a bit loose, which is something I like.  I have wide feet and snug straps make them look swollen.  dsc05753You’re not seeing double.  I just don’t have steady hands.  Hehe.  More than half a month later, I’m still loving this pair.


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