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The Kite Runner


Somebody was thoughtful enough to get me this book for Christmas.  I actually first bought a paperback copy for him as a wager for a bet I lost in.  He asked me if I’ve read the novel and I said no, but I really really wanted to.  So we settled with him reading it first (it was his afterall), then he’ll lend it to me.  But the day before his departure to his homeland, he surprised me with a hard copy of the illustrated edition.  I was really touched.  From that day on, it’s been my most prized book.

But I digress…

In my opinion, this book was very  beautifully written.  And I’m not saying this because it was given to me by someone special.  I really think this is a wonderful book – with a very touching plot written by an intelligent writer.  The author has a very good sense of humor, too.  This is an easy read, very unlike the way “The Inheritance of Loss” was written.  The comparison being that both authors are non-Americans.  Although this book gave me dark undereyes that lasted for like two weeks, it’s still one of my favorite books.  And there are only two of them so far.


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