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I think I’m in love.  I wish with a guy, but no.  I think I’m falling for this…


Photo credit: Apple.com

Meet the iPod Classic 120gb.  I’ve learned that the Classic now comes only in this capacity.  For nearly two months now, I’ve been contemplating on buying one.  Although I know for sure that this is a want rather than a need, I also believe in self-gratification.  After all, I have been working really hard for five and a half years (straight!) and have rarely bought things for myself.

I’ve been searching online for feedback, specifically for this 120gb model.  I’ve also been interviewing iPod-owners in my circle, even borrowing their units so I can get a feel of an iPod.  So far, I’ve tried 4 iPods, but none of them was the model I’ve been wanting to buy.  Two weeks ago, I went to a Power MAC store and held the Classic in my hand.  The unit there wasn’t really attractive, more like a battered one.  I’ve experienced difficulty navigating the click wheel and noticed that the program responded slowly.  I’ve found a similar comment from an online review.

The reviews are mixed, which explain my mixed emotions on it too.  The things that hold me back:

  • The click wheel that ‘s difficult to navigate.
  • The software that tends to respond slowly.
  • The hard drive (which is rather sensitive).  I’ve read that Apple is geared towards switching to flash drives, which means that the Classic might be a history in a year or two.
  • The screen resolution.  I’m not impressed with the display.
  • My credit card.  Haha! I had to have it replaced with a new one, which will arrive maybe the week after next.

It’s a good thing that I’m still waiting for my credit card because I’d still have time to decide.  The Touch and the Nano would also be options.  Now, this is getting more complicated than I thought…


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