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Last October, I bought a pair of Havaianas Slim in graphite.  It was my third Havaianas pair, the first being a lawn green Top, and the second a white Trip.  Anyway, the Slim instantly became my favorite, so I wore it everyday.  I even wore it at work when I wasn’t supposed to.  Six months later though, I almost fainted when the strap of the right pair snapped.  I couldn’t believe my eyes because I used to think that all Havaianas slippers were supposed to last at least two years.  At least, the first two pairs I owned did.

I am a slipper person in the same way Imelda Marcos is a shoe person.  Okay, that’s exaggerated.  But I am really more comfortable wearing slippers.  You see, I have wide feet.  And local shoe brands do not have width options at all.  Imported brands do have width options but the prices are too steep for me.  Not to mention that most of the comfortable styles don’t look very fashionable.

So, I still want a pair of slippers as a replacement for the Havaianas Slim.  Before going to the mall two weeks ago, I was thinking of getting another Havaianas pair (at the time, I wanted a metallic Top).  At the mall though, I saw Dupé and I had second thoughts.  Then there was Ipanema. And the rest was history.

According to the saleslady who assisted me, Ipanema slippers aren’t made of rubber.  They’re made of PVC plastic.  You know, the stuff used for making pipes.  At the time, I was convinced that it’s more durable than Havaianas.  So, I bought a pair called Anatômica.  The feel is definitely different from when I’m wearing Havaianas.  Ipanema sort of “hugs” your soles.  They have nicks that are tailored to the shape of a foot, unlike Havaianas, which are flat.

And since Ipanema also supports environmental causes, their sandals seem even more beautiful than any other brands.


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