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My first dream ever was to become a broadcast journalist.  But somehow, I wasn’t able to totally overcome my shyness.  I grew up in a small town, which probably was the reason for my naiveness.  I had a passion for writing, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be read by other people.  Only one of my two bestfriends had the privilege of seeing all my works.  He had been my mentor, editor, and critic.

After finishing high school, I thought I was determined that I wanted to be a journalist.  So I planned on taking up Journalism in college.  I promised myself that I would do my best to gain more confidence.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it because the available slots were limited.  I ended up taking a completely different course, which my mother chose for me.  I was too frustrated that I haven’t even thought of shifting to journalism.  That was really pathetic.

Anyway, I finished the completely different  course, and ended up in non-writing jobs.  In my heart, I knew I wasn’t happy.  And for a while, I have tried accepting that I would never be happy, careerwise.  Until a friend of mine filed her resignation.  She filed her resignation when I was away from the office due to my mother’s funeral.  She was with the Public Relations department.  When I returned to work a week after, her boss talked to me and offered me the postition.  I was hesitant for a while because I actually urged my friend to leave her job because she wasn’t very happy doing what she was doing.  But then she assured me that I didn’t have anything to do with her resignation.  She actually even endorsed me for the position.  To make it short, I accepted the offer.  For the longest time, I had been wanting change.  And this might be it.

The role’s relatively challenging but I am willing to take the risk.  This might be now or never.  If I don’t measure up to management standards, I’ll carry on from there.  If I do, then I would be really proud of myself for taking the plunge.


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