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Yesterday at work I was told that my fixed-term contract will be extended for another year. It may be good news some place else but in our office, it’s like being told you have stage 4 cancer. 
I am still in shock and couldn’t think of a better way to deal with it  than to make a lipstick review. Eventually I will have to face it. I might as well try to put on a pretty face. 

Makeup is one of my favorite things alongside food and travel. If I had a lot of money, it’s one thing I will splurge on. I have never done a full face but I will get there. For now, I kinda splurge on foundations and lipsticks.  (Disclaimer: ‘Splurge’ is relative to  available funds.😜)

I used to only wear foundation but when I tried on a nice lipstick, I thought I rocked it. And others thought so too. So I went on buying a few. Here are the things a lipstick has to be to win me:

  1. Matte
  2. With blue undertone
  3. Long lasting
  4. Below Php 500.00

But there are times I become weak and succumb to those with yellow undertones anyway because they looked good on someone else. Bad idea though!

Here’s a quick and honest review of the Lively Violet shade from the Maybelline Colorshow Creamy Matte Lipcolor collection. I chose this first because, well there’s really no reason. 



Lively Violet is indeed creamy, so it’s not very matte. The upside is you won’t need a lip balm. 

In terms of color, it’s more pink than violet, in my opinion. It has a blue undertone though which I like. My teeth are yellower than average and blue undertones make them look whiter. 

The only downside of this product is the longevity. It is very pigmented and glides on the lips, but glides off just as quickly. I haven’t tried setting it with powder, which is supposed to seal it. I’ll do next time. Without setting it, you will need to retouch often. After three times of drinking from a glass, about 50% of it was gone. 

This lipstick is good for everyday daytime wear (if reapplying it doesn’t bother you) but may wash you out at night. Especially if you have medium skintone. 

The best part is it’s only Php 165.00!

A closer look on how it looks on my lips:

Overall, it’s good. Color payoff and texture are good. It’s also gentle on the lips and on the pocket. Recommended. 


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