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Wants Vs. Needs

How do you distinguish wants from needs?

Just when I have decided which phone to buy, my old phone started working again, albeit not perfectly.  Besides the keys on the left that need to be pushed hard to function and the number 1 key that keeps on falling out, the phone is uhm… useable.

This was what I was supposed to buy: (more…)


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At 2:30 yesterday morning, I went to the john to pee.  I opened the tap but no water came out (most probably, the water company was doing some repair).  I absentmindedly left the tap open, and when we woke up in the morning, the entire floor was wet.  I wasn’t aware that one corner of the bedroom was flooded.  Until  (more…)

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Ageing Gracefully

So we were back in the kitchen last sunday.  I swear I’m still suffering from carpal tunnel due to the lengthy midterms last week.  Or it could also be that I am getting old.  This year is the last of my “twenties” and eight months from now, I would be taking on a new chapter of my life.  At least, that’s what the numbers say. (more…)

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Proud Mommy

My four-year-old daughter started going to school last june with only the knowledge of basic colors, counting from 1 to 10 in English and Spanish (thanks to dora, of course),  and the English alphabet.  and now, 5 months after, she’s reading sentences already!  (more…)

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I read that all styles of Havaianas are on sale at 20% off until the end of this month.  It must be in preparation for the 2008 models.  I’m not really “addicted” with slippers but I find Havaianas cool (in an economical kind of way).  Currently, I already have 3 pairs– lawn green (!) Top, white Trip, and graphite Slim.  Of the 3, I only use one pair.  The first 2, I’m sooo willing to donate to someone who will (dare) use them. Ha ha.  They’re just not “wearable” for me anymore. (more…)

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I sooo want to have this…


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